Immediate clarity: The cytoactiv® test proves the existence of the L1 capsid protein in the nucleus of the human papilloma virus.

It's fantastic if you see red!

When red colored cells appear, the L1 capsid protein could be detected and your body is fighting against the modified cells. That means the probability that your body will heal itself is 80 %.

If no trace of L1 capsid protein can be detected, the disease will likely progress and a treatment will have to be started.

The latest studies prove that cytoactiv® test can predict accurately how dysplasia will develop.

INFO: The high-risk types of the human papilloma virus must be held responsible for any cell changes of the cervix. If untreated, they can progress to cervical cancer which is the second most commun carcinosis in women worldwide.

How does this test work?

The cytoactiv® test recognizes a special protein, the so-called L1 capsid protein, which plays a major role in the fight against HPV infection. If the cytoactiv® test is used during a PAP smear test and shows at least one red colored cell, then your body has got the characteristic protein to heal itself. This protein takes care that your body can successfully fight the human papilloma virus and be healthy again with a very high probability.

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published online in "Nature Modern Pathology".

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