Many patients are very much confused after having received the diagnosis of dysplasia and/or LSIL / HSIL and do not know what this exactly means to them. Since it is particularly the young and sexually active women aged between 15 - 45 years who are affected, many questions arise: Do I have cancer? Do I have to undergo surgery? Can I have children?

You are now the patients' confidant to answer many of these questions and to help overcome your fears. One of the greatest fears women have is living in uncertainty for months and having to wait for a possible regression of the dysplasia. 

Up to now, the situation has not been very clear to gynecologists. On the one hand, they could detect precancerous conditions, on the other hand they couldn't at all predict how and whether the disease will progress - neither a satisfactory prognosis nor some reassuring news could be given.

Thanks to cytoactiv® test the situation has changed for the better. Now it is possible to get a prognostic evaluation of LSIL / HSIL.

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