In 2005, Cytoimmun Diagnostics GmbH was founded in Pirmasens. In the meantime the company has earned an outstanding reputation for their products. We are a global technology leader and supplier of prognostic markers in the field of HPV induced cervical cancer. This medically recognized and much-acclaimed method, the so-called cytoactiv® test, can forecast the further development of abnormal cervical cell changes with a safety of 80 %.

There is absolutely no need for women who have just been diagnosed with dysplasia or PAPIIID to endure the gnawing uncertainty for months. The cytoactiv® test will give them immediate clarity if the disease and infection with human papilloma viruses will heal on its own or if surgery (conization) might be necessary.

We have made it our mission:

- to provide clarity to the affected women in a fast and reliable way and

- to explain to them what it means to be diagnosed with PAPIIID.

We at Cytoimmun Diagnostics GmbH work closely with gynecologists, cytologists, pathologists and specialists in laboratory medicine and are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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published online in "Nature Modern Pathology".

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