Cytoimmun Diagnostics GmbH: No need to be afraid of dysplasia (LSIL / HSIL) and cervical cancer

The annual pap smear at the gynecologist's office often marks the beginning of a nightmare for many women concerned: The gynecologist informs her patient that abnormal cells have been found and this is where thoughts go round in circles: Do I have cancer? Do I have to undergo conization? What are the implications for patients who want children? Is there an increased risk of preterm delivery? What does the HPV infection mean to me and my partner? Am I infected with high-risk human papilloma viruses? What are human papilloma viruses at all?

We can help you to get out of this vicious circle!

Cytoimmun Diagnostics GmbH and their cytoactiv® test will give you the peace of mind knowing that your body has activated its self-healing powers. We offer you the best possible cancer prevention. Just say NO to unnecessary, stressful and cost-intensive overtreatments. If you are diagnosed with HPV, the cytoactiv® test can determine whether a certain protein - L1 - is present in the patient's body. Is this "prognostic marker" - as the specialists call it - present, i.e. the L1 capsid protein could be detected, the dysplasia is very much likely to regress. However, the patient needs to be aware that a spontaneous remission is not to be expected: the body usually requires up to 18 months to cure this disease.

The breakthrough in cervical cancer screening

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